ZCom Identity

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zcom_photoDuring my stint as senior AD at ZCom, I re-designed the corporate identity while the company was going through some major changes. On my first day as an employee, the company was purchased by Emerald Solutions, a giant interactive company which was on track to going public. So It was almost like starting a new job with 2 separate companies in the same day.

Emerald was a technology company. An engineering company really. ZCom was a small, creative-driven web design firm. This created a number of problems, however the biggest for ZCom was the loss of our identity. As part of the acquisition, ZCom changed names to Emerald Interactive. This new name plus the fact that the .com bubble had begun to burst resulted in our work suddenly disappearing. It wasn’t even clear how to position ourselves any longer.

So we decided to re-brand the company and to change our name back to ZCom, while still remaining under the Emerald umbrella.

As part of the discovery phase on this project we identified several key visuals which were important to our brand. Some of these included our Portland location, our studio space, architecture, industrial design, some key words, and a somewhat edgy, non-corporate look and feel.

zcom_styleboards1Chris Miller our CD researched dozens of sites which we liked for one reason or another, and after discussing potential directions I produced 4 styleboards which we presented to the ZCom owners Dennis Hahn (now owner at ID branding) and Sharon Peterson.

The decision was made to work from the board on the right, and while I started on the print collateral Elmer Bancud, one of the other AD’s worked on the website design. Chris made sure we both stayed on course and both the print collateral and the site turned out really really nice in the end.zcom_card

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ClickSuppliez.com Logo

Posted in Design on October 2nd, 2008 by sketchbookinc

While at ZCom, one of our clients needed a new logo, so I was tasked with the project. Below are a few of probably 30 different comps I created.click_suppliez2



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While working at ZCom, I had the pleasure of designing Lucy.com’s new website. At the time I was fresh out of a freelance gig at Nike, so my initial comps for the site looked very “Nike”. Katy Tisch, also an ex Nike designer, was Lucy.com’s creative director, and her and I had very different aesthetics to say the least. I recall being quite frustrated by Katy’s requests and influencing. 

Her design style was something that did not come easy to me. 

Eventually with the help of ZCom CD Chris Miller, we were able to create a compelling website that we were all happy with. After the long process I wrote a rap song and sang it at the lucy.com launch party after a few beers. Katy was quite entertained at my willingness to make fun of myself. lucy