Nike Concept Store – Round 4

Posted in 3D, Animation on December 20th, 2008 by sketchbookinc

I worked on the first round of this project with Ziba. After that Nike took this project inhouse. I worked on this round briefly. As I recall I was filling in for someone.

Round 3 as far as I know went to Eight Inc. In San Francisco.

This most recent round Nike hired Skylab Architecture (Jeff Kovel).

Below are some renderings for this latest round. These were rendered with c4d’s Advanced Render. We also created a 3 minute flythrough of the space in Max using Vray. See the Animation

We had to rebuild the entire store in 3ds max due to c4d’s animation limitations at the time.

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Nike Reuse-A-Shoe Bin

Posted in Design on December 15th, 2008 by sketchbookinc

I was hired by Digital Pond recently to design out a shoe recycle bin for Nike. Nike’s current bin is a cardboard box with a hole on top and a backboard. Not compelling, and it shows a lack of investment in a worthwhile initiative. One of the requirements was that the new bin should not look out of place in a Nike retail environment. It had to look nice in other words. Another requirement was that it should have a media component to it.

I didn’t have much time to spend on this as I was given the go ahead the week my wife gave birth. But I spent a day or so and created 3 options which I thought had some potential. The graphic is placeholder.bin_07 This version is the most playful of the bunch and takes cues from the Nike Sportswear stores and the common use of cubbies made of wood. All 3 cubbies spin, and have a hole in the top corner. The cases provide a way of seeing what’s inside without smelling what’s inside.
bin_03This option includes some curves which creates a more energetic and sporty look. The dark wood is used in a number of Nike environments including Sportswear stores and the House of Hoops.
bin_09Lastly, this version is just clean, probably the most stately of the bunch, and uses the wood with several reveals to fit into the Nike aesthetic.

Something else I was hired to do was work on some creative visuals for the Reuse-A-Shoe initiative. These would be graphics and/or animations which could be used at retail or TV/web. All of these concepts take inspiration from some existing visuals done for Nike ID.

ras_bin_splayedshoeConcept: shoe coming apart (fully realistic) and turning into 3 different athletic fields.
ras_bin_soles Concept: An outdoor court is built using the soles of old shoes. Real people would be composited onto this, and below the court would be empty.
ras_bin_meltshoeThis concept takes the most direct influence from the NIKE ID graphics that were existing. One of them has a shoe dripping color into a swirly pool of paint. This idea would be similar – but instead the shoe would be melting into an athletic court.

I don’t believe any of the sketches were presented to Nike.

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Nike Sportswear Store

Posted in 3D on December 15th, 2008 by sketchbookinc

nsw_01Nike worked with me to visualize the new concept for the Nike Sportswear Store.

This was my first retail project rendered in Vray for c4d, which has a lot of limitations and bugs, but does a much nicer job than c4d. Nike provided the store architecture and fixturing on this project. I textured and lit everything, and then worked on merchandising. Nike provided some rough direction, and I filled in the holes.

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Coke Olympic Kiosks

Posted in Design on December 12th, 2008 by sketchbookinc

My third project with coke involves designing a custom Kiosk system for their Olympic Pin Trading program in Beijing. Where have I been all these years? Apparently Pin Trading is not something I am familiar with!

An agency in China developed a number of concepts for this project which Coke considered too young and child like, so I was to start from scratch with limited direction on where to take the look. The graphics used in the program where developed earlier for the Olympics, so my primary job was to design out a modular fixture system which could be utilized within many different venues. I was tasked with 3 sizes of Kiosk based on square footage.

The graphics I was provided incorporate a lot of rings. Obviously pulling inspiration from the Olympics.coke_kiosk_comps

With that in mind, and considering that Coke is the “catch the wave” brand, my initial instinct was to design some fairly curvy and flowing fixtures. Getting curves to fit together isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially when you are building for modular use, so in the end I decided on a simple, minimalist use of half rings. So each counter had was a half ring shape, or quarter ring shape. This allows you to create round kiosks as well as wavy kiosks and anything in between. You can have stacking fixtures, which rotate around a common axis, as well as matching overhangs and headers.

I was pretty happy with these initial ideas, but after presenting to my contact at Coke, I found out they wanted a more boxy system. Something more square and with a hint of rounding. Round 2 hit the mark, and below are some resulting renderings.coke1coke2

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Nike ID @ Niketown NYC

Posted in 3D on December 11th, 2008 by sketchbookinc


I worked on the Nike ID space within Niketown New York with my friend Luis Rueda a while back. Luis has a background in architecture, and he often sketches out his retail spaces on the fly. His weapon of choice is a large, rolling, mechanical dry-erase board which prints the board’s contents onto a piece of paper. Pretty nifty.

This rendering is one of several that were done for the space. All rendered in c4d’s AR. This would have been a great VRay project.

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Under Armour Animation

Posted in Animation on December 2nd, 2008 by sketchbookinc

ua_stillI was hired by Under Armour a few months ago to create a simple animation showing off their new footwear fixturing program. The UA footwear fixtures are a system of interchanging parts, and allows for a great deal of flexibility for the retailer.

This project was extremely quick turn. We built all of the assets from scratch, animated and rendered everything all within 1 week. Even were able to use RealFlow in one section.

All in all, it’s not the sexiest animation – but for a weeks worth of work I can’t complain.

See the Animation


Nike Concept Store – Round 1

Posted in 3D on November 20th, 2008 by sketchbookinc

A while back Nike hired me to work with Ziba Design to render out some concepts for a new store concept. My contact at Nike was Paul Loux and my contact at Ziba was Jonathon Irick. The renderings turned out ok despite not having VRay at the time.nike_concept_store_01nike_concept_store_02

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Nike Global Factory Store

Posted in 3D on November 16th, 2008 by sketchbookinc

nike_factory_01This store is massive from a real world and 3d perspective. When working on 3d stores, it’s always a challenge to render a store out with as much product as this has, let alone work on it. The polygon count is enormous. This being the case, I planned to render this store using Vray, which was not available for Cinema 4d at the time. Vray is arguable the best render engine for architectural renderings.
nike_factory_02I hired a 3ds max contractor and we began converting a massive amount of files from c4d to max. This process took quite a while.

As with most retail projects, my role is to model, light and texture scenes, position cameras, as well as providing initial merchandising. Visual merchandisers are often hard to find on a project until the project is almost finished, so typically once I am given rough direction as to which categories go where, I usually will toss together all the merchandising, and then run this past the VM’s. It’s just faster this way – especially on a store this size. Occasionally a VM is available at the beginning of a project, and some are very specific while other are quite vague. Totally depends in who I work with.

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Nike Global Retail Guidelines

Posted in 3D on October 15th, 2008 by sketchbookinc

nike_global_store_01Originally started while I was freelancing in Brand Design, this is the longest projects I have worked on for Nike. While I was onsite in Brand, I worked with Luis Rueda to develop some initial global fixtures. Luis would provide rough sketches, I would model them up, and then we would sit together and refine them.

I eventually left Nike to go out on my own, and Luis hired me to work on the second portion of this project which included building out several store environments. I was still fairly new to 3d at this point, and there was an enormous amount of rendering work that needed to be done for the project. I was renting new macs from Mac Force at about $500 per week, and setting them up in my house in order to render the scenes out. My methods were pretty crude, and my technical abilities limited – so renderings that should have taken a couple hours to render were taking upwards of 30 hours each! And as a new Nike vendor money wouldn’t be coming any time soon.

After a while the project was complete, however the global retail guidelines book was not printed.

nike_global_store_00Some time later I inherited this project again. At this point all the work we had previously done was basically scrapped. We ended up building and rendering every Nike fixture and attachment to scale for use in the book. Greg Stobbs was the designer at Nike.

nike_global_store_02Pam Hroza worked with me on the merchandising of this global store and she was very detailed in what she wanted. Not much to do from my side.

As with most Nike projects, timelines are always tight and I end up working crazy hours. So these renderings were done with C4d’s native render engine. No GI. Never had the time for fancier renderings. Even with simplified renderings, many of the shots in this 4000sf store would not render. Out of memory errors were common and often meant final images had to be composited from multiple render passes.

This time the project was indeed finalized for good and a book with many of my renderings was printed and sent to all the Nike regions and departments that have anything to do with retail.

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Nike Speed Initiative

Posted in 3D, Design on September 25th, 2008 by sketchbookinc

While working in brand design at Nike in 2003-2004, most of my time was spent on the Nike Speed initiative. At the time, this was the largest initiative Nike had ever undertaken.

The Speed campaign revolved around the 04 summer olympics. We worked on collateral, packaging, retail displays, events and more. I worked under Heather Amuny and Julie Freeman at the time, as well as David Odusanya. The visual style of Speed was a red stripe and lots of glass shards.

Below are a couple examples of some of the 3d work I did during that time. More to post on this.


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