LP TechShield Illustrations for Pop Art

Posted in Illustration on November 10th, 2008 by sketchbookinc

Here is one of many 3d renderings I created for Pop Art which were used by LP Corp. The idea here was to show a warm attic in the dead of winter due to the roll-on TechShield Product. I also created some 3d animations of the installation and use of this product. This was rendered with VRay.lp_winter_close_09

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Pop Art Branding/Illustrations

Posted in Design, Illustration on August 8th, 2008 by sketchbookinc

Pop Art, the portland web design firm, was at one time a 2 man company in a trashy office in Tigard off of 217. During that time I was working within the ad agency John Pihas and Partners, and was tasked with creating several illustrations for a Pop Art’s corporate brochure. I also designed a new logo for the company, which was not used. 

My idea behind the illustrations was to mimic the style of Jasper Johns, a painter during the pop art movement. Pop Art gave me several words to use, and I painted 8 or so illustrations for the brochure.popart1popart2