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logosHere are a few logo’s I have done over the years. My guess is NONE of them are currently in use. The one of the sketchbook is currently on my website but I need to do some rebranding. Peter Yue photographed the Sketchbook. He actually came up with the name for my company as far as I remember, circa 1998 or so.


Linfield Identity

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linfield_mailerI was hired by The Creative Company to redefine the branding for Linfield College in McMinnville. Creative Company at the time had no creative lead, so I basically directed myself regarding creative approach. CC provided me some historical background, photos, and a lot of research which was gathered through focus groups and surveys which were conducted with current students, potential students, as well as faculty.

linfield_poster2linfield_mailer_22The overriding goal of this project was to create a vibrant, contemporary and energetic face for the college. Linfield has a lot of history, and the collateral which the college produced in the past had been very conservative/dry. They were looking to attract more students, and this new Identity hit the mark. Results from the project can be found at the Creative Company’s website. They also won several awards for the Linfield work.

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ZCom Identity

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zcom_photoDuring my stint as senior AD at ZCom, I re-designed the corporate identity while the company was going through some major changes. On my first day as an employee, the company was purchased by Emerald Solutions, a giant interactive company which was on track to going public. So It was almost like starting a new job with 2 separate companies in the same day.

Emerald was a technology company. An engineering company really. ZCom was a small, creative-driven web design firm. This created a number of problems, however the biggest for ZCom was the loss of our identity. As part of the acquisition, ZCom changed names to Emerald Interactive. This new name plus the fact that the .com bubble had begun to burst resulted in our work suddenly disappearing. It wasn’t even clear how to position ourselves any longer.

So we decided to re-brand the company and to change our name back to ZCom, while still remaining under the Emerald umbrella.

As part of the discovery phase on this project we identified several key visuals which were important to our brand. Some of these included our Portland location, our studio space, architecture, industrial design, some key words, and a somewhat edgy, non-corporate look and feel.

zcom_styleboards1Chris Miller our CD researched dozens of sites which we liked for one reason or another, and after discussing potential directions I produced 4 styleboards which we presented to the ZCom owners Dennis Hahn (now owner at ID branding) and Sharon Peterson.

The decision was made to work from the board on the right, and while I started on the print collateral Elmer Bancud, one of the other AD’s worked on the website design. Chris made sure we both stayed on course and both the print collateral and the site turned out really really nice in the end.zcom_card

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Nike Sun Book

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Here’s a project I worked on in my first stint in Nike Brand Design.sun2
Style wise, this marketing book was pretty wide open and the product focus was to be a new line of sun/surf apparel which Nike had not tapped into yet.
As you can see the overall style is warm and pulls lots of inspiration from the vibrant colors of Miami Beach. I used an illustrative look which I felt helped convey the sandy warm feeling and flowing, wavy organic graphics atop to give everything movement.

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Travel Profiles Branding

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Here’s a project I worked on while on for Ray Hibbard. At the time when Yahoo was all the rage, Ray came up with the idea of creating an online travel portal called travel Profiles. Below are some Identities I designed. Neither of these were used in the end. Ray decided to go with the name Hoopa.com, which was similar to Yahoo. So I designed the Hoopa Logo that is shown in my logo post. Hoopa was then dropped as there was an indian tribe of the same name. Ray eventually started tyzo.comtravel_profiles1travel_profiles2


OPCC Community Group Branding

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opcc_renderingOur Place Church asked me to create some branding for some community groups which were being formed. The naming was already completed, and the group names all had something to do with the outdoors for the most part. Our Place (OP) is a pretty progressive church with loud rock music, and even a fairly edgy idenity/logo. So I created several illustrations with an artistic brush stoke feel to them so that they would all have a cohesive feel.

I then selected some bold colors, and made some small cards which folded in half for each group. The one color cards were designed as “business” cards, as well as small table tents. Lastly I designed up some mock slides to be used in powerpoint so that each group could get their message to the congregation.

The image above is one of my first 3d renderings in cinema 4d.