My studio mate Jason Laramie was recently hired to create about a dozen illustrations which will be used to show off Columbia’s fabric and footwear technologies. Omni-Tech is Columbia’s flagship fabric technology, which would compare to Gore Tex or Nike’s Storm Fit. All the other technologies would probably not be as recognizable to the general consumer.

Jason, in his first meeting with Columbia, realized that many of the illustrations could benefit greatly from 3d, and he mentioned my name as a possible partner on the project, and they agreed it would be a good idea to utilize me in the process.

Jason and I then sat down and brainstormed a bit regarding what we needed to do, and it was clear that the vast majority of the work should be done in 3d, with some post photoshop work as a final touch.

Jason’s first job was to provide Columbia with some rough sketches of each illustration, and we agreed it would be good to get a comp in front of them of what a more final illustration would look like in style. We decided that the Omni-Tech illustration was the most important of the bunch, so we did some research on what Gore-Tex, Nike and all the other companies with similar technologies were doing for technology illustrations. Most were pretty similar.

Big Giant created a series of hangtag illustrations for Nike several years back which were very nice yet they were a vastly different style from what Columbia was wanting.

Final images look great. Will post once things become public.