I am working for the weekend on some speaker renderings for Aperion Audio. I’ve been working with AA for over a year now rendering out speakers as they are developed.
AA used to photograph their speakers, but the cost was high, and the quality was low. So AA decided to try 3d rendering as an alternative. The finish on the black speakers is the most difficult to photograph. It’s like a mirror, which calls for vast post work in photoshop on the photos to remove the studio reflections from the casing. In 3d you can control this much easier, although getting a nice reflection is still tough.
The other advantage to rendering in 3d is that the speakers don’t actually need to exist before they are rendered. More and more companies are catching on to this technology. Next step will be animating these speakers on the website product pages.

Hopefully one of these days we will do something more creative with Aperion. Cinema has the ability to animate parameters of any 3d object via the amplitude of an imported soundtrack. Very cool. How useful would that be for animating speakers?

Here’s an example of something a little more creative

Check out aperionaudio.com to see more renderings, and buy yourself some kick ass speakers while you’re at it!