Little late, but what the heck.

  1. Brand Sketchbook. (have hired an external entity for this, as I am my own worst client)
  2. Create a website (flash and html)
  3. Design out this blog. Depends on how functional the site ends up.
  4. Seek out design focused projects first
  5. Learn Zbrush
  6. Re-learn actionscript and object oriented coding
  7. Start painting again
  8. Rig a character in 3d. If you have a character you want rigged – speak up
  9. Get significantly better in after effects
  10. Ride my bike to work at least once a week (30 miles round way)
  11. Sell my motorcycle before I kill myself. Downgrade to 50cc scooter.
  12. Exercise an hour a week at minimum