I was hired by Digital Pond recently to design out a shoe recycle bin for Nike. Nike’s current bin is a cardboard box with a hole on top and a backboard. Not compelling, and it shows a lack of investment in a worthwhile initiative. One of the requirements was that the new bin should not look out of place in a Nike retail environment. It had to look nice in other words. Another requirement was that it should have a media component to it.

I didn’t have much time to spend on this as I was given the go ahead the week my wife gave birth. But I spent a day or so and created 3 options which I thought had some potential. The graphic is placeholder.bin_07 This version is the most playful of the bunch and takes cues from the Nike Sportswear stores and the common use of cubbies made of wood. All 3 cubbies spin, and have a hole in the top corner. The cases provide a way of seeing what’s inside without smelling what’s inside.
bin_03This option includes some curves which creates a more energetic and sporty look. The dark wood is used in a number of Nike environments including Sportswear stores and the House of Hoops.
bin_09Lastly, this version is just clean, probably the most stately of the bunch, and uses the wood with several reveals to fit into the Nike aesthetic.

Something else I was hired to do was work on some creative visuals for the Reuse-A-Shoe initiative. These would be graphics and/or animations which could be used at retail or TV/web. All of these concepts take inspiration from some existing visuals done for Nike ID.

ras_bin_splayedshoeConcept: shoe coming apart (fully realistic) and turning into 3 different athletic fields.
ras_bin_soles Concept: An outdoor court is built using the soles of old shoes. Real people would be composited onto this, and below the court would be empty.
ras_bin_meltshoeThis concept takes the most direct influence from the NIKE ID graphics that were existing. One of them has a shoe dripping color into a swirly pool of paint. This idea would be similar – but instead the shoe would be melting into an athletic court.

I don’t believe any of the sketches were presented to Nike.