This is the first project I ever worked on for Nike. I was hired through Creative Assets on a 2 week assignment designing bag graphics. When I started, the lead designer in the category (Jeff Dey) was out on vacation. This was one of the most vague projects I’d ever been given. I quickly realized that working at Nike required lots of initiative and self direction. I had almost nothing to go off of, other than a generic backpack and duffle bag. One design was to be “retro” and the other “contemporary”. I scoured a bunch of servers for assets, logo’s, etc and actually ended up with probably 40 rough comps for graphics by the time Jeff got back into town. Don’t know if any of these were selected. Can’t remember actually. Whatever the case, I had shown some potential I guess as they kept me on as a “permanent freelancer.” I stayed a few months and then took the job at ZCom.nike_bags