born_1I was asked to contribute as an artist to the online publication of  Born Magazine while working in Nike Brand Design. Fun experience. I was teamed with writer Andre Darlington and was tasked with creating the visual experience which represented his short story titles “After the Resurrection”. born_2

The story was very dark and disturbing, so with my limited time, and fairly limited ability with flash, I decided to spend most of my time illustrating the various sentences of the story in a similar style to the story. As you can see there is a mixture of hand painted watercolor overlays and photoshop layering, all working together to provide a visually rich experience. born_3

For the flash interface, I found a nice relic looking center element, and decided to use a circular navigation rig to move the viewer through the story. Limited interaction was found through this navigation and some scripting I added to the type which moves as you pass over it.born_4

The experience can be found viewed here.