My second project with Columbia involves creating a 3d animation of the Bugaboot – Columbia’s premier winter boot. I can’t speak about the specifics of the animation nor the boot due to NDA, but I can speak some of the complexity of this 3d boot’s creation.

Columbia gave us a sample boot as reference, and we modeled everything from scratch, including an insanely complex tread. Wild. Wish the animation was a little more complex, as the detail in this shoe will never be seen at the resolution we rendered at. I’ll have to do some rendering on my own of some close-ups. This boot looks absolutely real.

I don’t have it in front of me but the boot geometry alone was hundreds of thousands of polygons, and that’s before any type of smoothing. The tread alone was around 50k polys. Sadly, Vray had a bug with bump and displacement maps when using UV coordinates, so I am glad the boot is fairly small in the frame of the animation. Vray 1.1 for c4d is now out, and we will have the ability to really improve on this. Not to mention 64 bit rendering, which will handle the millions of polygon’s without blinking. I will post images as soon as I this boot hits market.