Nike TreadLock Glove Animation

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Nike Gridlock Animation from sketchbookinc on Vimeo.

Nike asked us to create an animation showing the features and benefits of some new football gloves. The gloves have channels that are built into the palm, similar to the tread on a tire.

As with all of the animations we create for Nike, we are typically given a written script of the wording that will be shown in the animation, and then we create storyboards and attempt to create a story behind the animation. We rendered this in VRay and E. Scott Morris provided the voice over.

See the Animation


Nike Baseball Lanyard

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nike_lanyard_1I designed this fold up, double sided “brochure” while working in the Team Sports Equipment department at Nike. The entire thing folds to the size of a name tag, and fits into a lanyard pouch which is used by the Nike sales force at tradeshows. Tim Clark art directed me on this project, and Bob Brinemeyer (have no idea how to spell his last name) created the illustrations.nike_lanyard_2nike_lanyard_3


3d me

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joeI got scanned last year at Siggraph. Creepy. This is a 3d file. I’ve thought of rebuilding the mesh to make it more useful. But really what’s great is how accurate this is. freaking amazing. Wish I had one of these scanners before modeling some of these shoes we’ve been doing lately!

Nike Basketball Packaging

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Some packaging I designed while working at Nike in the team sports equipment department.nike_bballs

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Nike Carrygear Poster

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nike_carrygearHere’s a poster I worked on while while freelancing at Nike. Dane Johnson was the lead designer from Nike, and he asked me to create the photo montage on the right side.


Nike Global Retail Guidelines

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nike_global_store_01Originally started while I was freelancing in Brand Design, this is the longest projects I have worked on for Nike. While I was onsite in Brand, I worked with Luis Rueda to develop some initial global fixtures. Luis would provide rough sketches, I would model them up, and then we would sit together and refine them.

I eventually left Nike to go out on my own, and Luis hired me to work on the second portion of this project which included building out several store environments. I was still fairly new to 3d at this point, and there was an enormous amount of rendering work that needed to be done for the project. I was renting new macs from Mac Force at about $500 per week, and setting them up in my house in order to render the scenes out. My methods were pretty crude, and my technical abilities limited – so renderings that should have taken a couple hours to render were taking upwards of 30 hours each! And as a new Nike vendor money wouldn’t be coming any time soon.

After a while the project was complete, however the global retail guidelines book was not printed.

nike_global_store_00Some time later I inherited this project again. At this point all the work we had previously done was basically scrapped. We ended up building and rendering every Nike fixture and attachment to scale for use in the book. Greg Stobbs was the designer at Nike.

nike_global_store_02Pam Hroza worked with me on the merchandising of this global store and she was very detailed in what she wanted. Not much to do from my side.

As with most Nike projects, timelines are always tight and I end up working crazy hours. So these renderings were done with C4d’s native render engine. No GI. Never had the time for fancier renderings. Even with simplified renderings, many of the shots in this 4000sf store would not render. Out of memory errors were common and often meant final images had to be composited from multiple render passes.

This time the project was indeed finalized for good and a book with many of my renderings was printed and sent to all the Nike regions and departments that have anything to do with retail.

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Nike T90 Confidence Glove

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We worked on a glove animation for Nike a while back. The actual animation is not very interesting as it’s just a simple presentation of the gloves features and benefits. I won’t bother posting. However here are some stills of the glove. This was rigged in Cinema 4d, and rendered with C4d’s basic render engine. The images turned out pretty nice, and Nike decided to use some of the stills for printed collateral, instead of shooting with traditional photography.omni_glove1omni_glove2


Walker Macy Invitation for Olive

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Eric Goldstein (former ACD at ZCom), asked me to design out a 20th anniversary mailer/brochure + save the date card for Walker Macy, a landscape architecture company here in Portland. Eric provided me with a bunch of photos of WM’s past work, some direction on the basic size on content for the piece, and told me to do my thing. walkermacy_11

walkermacy_2Above are some options I came up with. The feedback on these were that they were a little too complex and busy, and at the same time they did not show off WM’s great project photos at a high enough level. The photos should be the star. So I toned things down, and the result is shown below.walkermacy_31


Nike Sphere Illustration

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nike-sphereI was asked to create an illustration for Nike which depicted the company’s Sphere technology. As you can see in the image, Sphere fabric has just that, sphere shaped dimples, which act to pull moisture from your body.

The direction I was given was to create an environment with the fabric, which should show a lot of depth and interest. Something else which was asked for was arrows going from the “cool” side of the fabric to the “hot” side. I personally didn’t want arrows, but I did what I could. Usage for this was an Ad as far as I know.


Travel Profiles Branding

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Here’s a project I worked on while on for Ray Hibbard. At the time when Yahoo was all the rage, Ray came up with the idea of creating an online travel portal called travel Profiles. Below are some Identities I designed. Neither of these were used in the end. Ray decided to go with the name, which was similar to Yahoo. So I designed the Hoopa Logo that is shown in my logo post. Hoopa was then dropped as there was an indian tribe of the same name. Ray eventually started tyzo.comtravel_profiles1travel_profiles2


OPCC Community Group Branding

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opcc_renderingOur Place Church asked me to create some branding for some community groups which were being formed. The naming was already completed, and the group names all had something to do with the outdoors for the most part. Our Place (OP) is a pretty progressive church with loud rock music, and even a fairly edgy idenity/logo. So I created several illustrations with an artistic brush stoke feel to them so that they would all have a cohesive feel.

I then selected some bold colors, and made some small cards which folded in half for each group. The one color cards were designed as “business” cards, as well as small table tents. Lastly I designed up some mock slides to be used in powerpoint so that each group could get their message to the congregation.

The image above is one of my first 3d renderings in cinema 4d.

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While at ZCom, one of our clients needed a new logo, so I was tasked with the project. Below are a few of probably 30 different comps I created.click_suppliez2


Nike Curb Cup

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curb_cup_vancurb_cup_medal1Here’s a project from my second stint in Nike Brand Design. I developed a logo, signage, and some graphics to wrap onto a van for this 3 on 3 street soccer initiative focused on getting inner city kids active.¬†

This particular van option is actually a reject. The final was much more simple, 

and we basically just covered the van with Duct Tape. Julie Freeman was the AD on this project. This is also one of the first projects where I rendered something in 3d in order to help  visualize the medal, as well as to help the manufacturer to understand the construction of the piece.