Nike Go Campaign

Posted in Design on August 10th, 2002 by sketchbookinc

nike_go_identityI worked on this project while freelancing as a graphic designer in Nike Brand Design. Nike Go is an initiative which seeks to get kids more active. 

I was given this project by one of the producers at Nike, and my only direction was to go off a pre-existing sticker which was shaped sort of like a raindrop. The colors were basically set, as was the actual GO logotype. Mitch Morse designed the sticker, and at the time this project started he was out of town, so I started designing a bunch of collateral including press folders, VHS covers, stickers, table tents, etc. Some of what I designed is below.

Then Mitch came back into town, and informed the PM and I that we were not to design off of this old sticker. Instead he wanted to use a stoplight for inspiration. Red, yellow, green and circular shapes. So I worked on a new look based on this new direction, and basically produced a rough poster concept which was signed off on, and then I left on vacation. Kate Zimmerman, a fellow freelance designer, took over on the project, and by the time I was back from vacation most of hard work was done. Kate did a great job of taking the rough elements I tossed together, and finessing them together into a nice cohesive campaign. After I returned the only thing left to accomplish was to create a bunch of event graphics. Building wraps, tee shirts, signage, etc.

This was also one of the first projects ever where I used a 3d program for some concepting/visualization. I rendering out a bunch of floating Go balls on the lake at the Nike world headquarters.