Styleframe for Nike Soccer animation

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frame1_01b_450Here’s a frame I developed for the opening of a Nike soccer animation we have been working on. I like the way it turned out. More later on this animation.


Mystery Logotype

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Here’s a logotype I created for a charity my daughter started recently. The word is Swahili for “Freedom”. I won’t tell you what the word is, because I have been wondering if this logo is even legible. What word does this spell to you? Feel free to leave a comment.

Nike Reuse-A-Shoe Bin

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I was hired by Digital Pond recently to design out a shoe recycle bin for Nike. Nike’s current bin is a cardboard box with a hole on top and a backboard. Not compelling, and it shows a lack of investment in a worthwhile initiative. One of the requirements was that the new bin should not look out of place in a Nike retail environment. It had to look nice in other words. Another requirement was that it should have a media component to it.

I didn’t have much time to spend on this as I was given the go ahead the week my wife gave birth. But I spent a day or so and created 3 options which I thought had some potential. The graphic is placeholder.bin_07 This version is the most playful of the bunch and takes cues from the Nike Sportswear stores and the common use of cubbies made of wood. All 3 cubbies spin, and have a hole in the top corner. The cases provide a way of seeing what’s inside without smelling what’s inside.
bin_03This option includes some curves which creates a more energetic and sporty look. The dark wood is used in a number of Nike environments including Sportswear stores and the House of Hoops.
bin_09Lastly, this version is just clean, probably the most stately of the bunch, and uses the wood with several reveals to fit into the Nike aesthetic.

Something else I was hired to do was work on some creative visuals for the Reuse-A-Shoe initiative. These would be graphics and/or animations which could be used at retail or TV/web. All of these concepts take inspiration from some existing visuals done for Nike ID.

ras_bin_splayedshoeConcept: shoe coming apart (fully realistic) and turning into 3 different athletic fields.
ras_bin_soles Concept: An outdoor court is built using the soles of old shoes. Real people would be composited onto this, and below the court would be empty.
ras_bin_meltshoeThis concept takes the most direct influence from the NIKE ID graphics that were existing. One of them has a shoe dripping color into a swirly pool of paint. This idea would be similar – but instead the shoe would be melting into an athletic court.

I don’t believe any of the sketches were presented to Nike.

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logosHere are a few logo’s I have done over the years. My guess is NONE of them are currently in use. The one of the sketchbook is currently on my website but I need to do some rebranding. Peter Yue photographed the Sketchbook. He actually came up with the name for my company as far as I remember, circa 1998 or so.


Coke Olympic Kiosks

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My third project with coke involves designing a custom Kiosk system for their Olympic Pin Trading program in Beijing. Where have I been all these years? Apparently Pin Trading is not something I am familiar with!

An agency in China developed a number of concepts for this project which Coke considered too young and child like, so I was to start from scratch with limited direction on where to take the look. The graphics used in the program where developed earlier for the Olympics, so my primary job was to design out a modular fixture system which could be utilized within many different venues. I was tasked with 3 sizes of Kiosk based on square footage.

The graphics I was provided incorporate a lot of rings. Obviously pulling inspiration from the Olympics.coke_kiosk_comps

With that in mind, and considering that Coke is the “catch the wave” brand, my initial instinct was to design some fairly curvy and flowing fixtures. Getting curves to fit together isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially when you are building for modular use, so in the end I decided on a simple, minimalist use of half rings. So each counter had was a half ring shape, or quarter ring shape. This allows you to create round kiosks as well as wavy kiosks and anything in between. You can have stacking fixtures, which rotate around a common axis, as well as matching overhangs and headers.

I was pretty happy with these initial ideas, but after presenting to my contact at Coke, I found out they wanted a more boxy system. Something more square and with a hint of rounding. Round 2 hit the mark, and below are some resulting renderings.coke1coke2

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Linfield Identity

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linfield_mailerI was hired by The Creative Company to redefine the branding for Linfield College in McMinnville. Creative Company at the time had no creative lead, so I basically directed myself regarding creative approach. CC provided me some historical background, photos, and a lot of research which was gathered through focus groups and surveys which were conducted with current students, potential students, as well as faculty.

linfield_poster2linfield_mailer_22The overriding goal of this project was to create a vibrant, contemporary and energetic face for the college. Linfield has a lot of history, and the collateral which the college produced in the past had been very conservative/dry. They were looking to attract more students, and this new Identity hit the mark. Results from the project can be found at the Creative Company’s website. They also won several awards for the Linfield work.

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ZCom Identity

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zcom_photoDuring my stint as senior AD at ZCom, I re-designed the corporate identity while the company was going through some major changes. On my first day as an employee, the company was purchased by Emerald Solutions, a giant interactive company which was on track to going public. So It was almost like starting a new job with 2 separate companies in the same day.

Emerald was a technology company. An engineering company really. ZCom was a small, creative-driven web design firm. This created a number of problems, however the biggest for ZCom was the loss of our identity. As part of the acquisition, ZCom changed names to Emerald Interactive. This new name plus the fact that the .com bubble had begun to burst resulted in our work suddenly disappearing. It wasn’t even clear how to position ourselves any longer.

So we decided to re-brand the company and to change our name back to ZCom, while still remaining under the Emerald umbrella.

As part of the discovery phase on this project we identified several key visuals which were important to our brand. Some of these included our Portland location, our studio space, architecture, industrial design, some key words, and a somewhat edgy, non-corporate look and feel.

zcom_styleboards1Chris Miller our CD researched dozens of sites which we liked for one reason or another, and after discussing potential directions I produced 4 styleboards which we presented to the ZCom owners Dennis Hahn (now owner at ID branding) and Sharon Peterson.

The decision was made to work from the board on the right, and while I started on the print collateral Elmer Bancud, one of the other AD’s worked on the website design. Chris made sure we both stayed on course and both the print collateral and the site turned out really really nice in the end.zcom_card

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Nike Sun Book

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Here’s a project I worked on in my first stint in Nike Brand Design.sun2
Style wise, this marketing book was pretty wide open and the product focus was to be a new line of sun/surf apparel which Nike had not tapped into yet.
As you can see the overall style is warm and pulls lots of inspiration from the vibrant colors of Miami Beach. I used an illustrative look which I felt helped convey the sandy warm feeling and flowing, wavy organic graphics atop to give everything movement.

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Nike Baseball Lanyard

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nike_lanyard_1I designed this fold up, double sided “brochure” while working in the Team Sports Equipment department at Nike. The entire thing folds to the size of a name tag, and fits into a lanyard pouch which is used by the Nike sales force at tradeshows. Tim Clark art directed me on this project, and Bob Brinemeyer (have no idea how to spell his last name) created the illustrations.nike_lanyard_2nike_lanyard_3


Nike Basketball Packaging

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Some packaging I designed while working at Nike in the team sports equipment department.nike_bballs

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Nike Carrygear Poster

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nike_carrygearHere’s a poster I worked on while while freelancing at Nike. Dane Johnson was the lead designer from Nike, and he asked me to create the photo montage on the right side.


Walker Macy Invitation for Olive

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Eric Goldstein (former ACD at ZCom), asked me to design out a 20th anniversary mailer/brochure + save the date card for Walker Macy, a landscape architecture company here in Portland. Eric provided me with a bunch of photos of WM’s past work, some direction on the basic size on content for the piece, and told me to do my thing. walkermacy_11

walkermacy_2Above are some options I came up with. The feedback on these were that they were a little too complex and busy, and at the same time they did not show off WM’s great project photos at a high enough level. The photos should be the star. So I toned things down, and the result is shown below.walkermacy_31


Travel Profiles Branding

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Here’s a project I worked on while on for Ray Hibbard. At the time when Yahoo was all the rage, Ray came up with the idea of creating an online travel portal called travel Profiles. Below are some Identities I designed. Neither of these were used in the end. Ray decided to go with the name, which was similar to Yahoo. So I designed the Hoopa Logo that is shown in my logo post. Hoopa was then dropped as there was an indian tribe of the same name. Ray eventually started tyzo.comtravel_profiles1travel_profiles2


OPCC Community Group Branding

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opcc_renderingOur Place Church asked me to create some branding for some community groups which were being formed. The naming was already completed, and the group names all had something to do with the outdoors for the most part. Our Place (OP) is a pretty progressive church with loud rock music, and even a fairly edgy idenity/logo. So I created several illustrations with an artistic brush stoke feel to them so that they would all have a cohesive feel.

I then selected some bold colors, and made some small cards which folded in half for each group. The one color cards were designed as “business” cards, as well as small table tents. Lastly I designed up some mock slides to be used in powerpoint so that each group could get their message to the congregation.

The image above is one of my first 3d renderings in cinema 4d.

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While at ZCom, one of our clients needed a new logo, so I was tasked with the project. Below are a few of probably 30 different comps I created.click_suppliez2


Nike Curb Cup

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curb_cup_vancurb_cup_medal1Here’s a project from my second stint in Nike Brand Design. I developed a logo, signage, and some graphics to wrap onto a van for this 3 on 3 street soccer initiative focused on getting inner city kids active. 

This particular van option is actually a reject. The final was much more simple, 

and we basically just covered the van with Duct Tape. Julie Freeman was the AD on this project. This is also one of the first projects where I rendered something in 3d in order to help  visualize the medal, as well as to help the manufacturer to understand the construction of the piece.

Nike Speed Initiative

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While working in brand design at Nike in 2003-2004, most of my time was spent on the Nike Speed initiative. At the time, this was the largest initiative Nike had ever undertaken.

The Speed campaign revolved around the 04 summer olympics. We worked on collateral, packaging, retail displays, events and more. I worked under Heather Amuny and Julie Freeman at the time, as well as David Odusanya. The visual style of Speed was a red stripe and lots of glass shards.

Below are a couple examples of some of the 3d work I did during that time. More to post on this.


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Nike Bag Graphics

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This is the first project I ever worked on for Nike. I was hired through Creative Assets on a 2 week assignment designing bag graphics. When I started, the lead designer in the category (Jeff Dey) was out on vacation. This was one of the most vague projects I’d ever been given. I quickly realized that working at Nike required lots of initiative and self direction. I had almost nothing to go off of, other than a generic backpack and duffle bag. One design was to be “retro” and the other “contemporary”. I scoured a bunch of servers for assets, logo’s, etc and actually ended up with probably 40 rough comps for graphics by the time Jeff got back into town. Don’t know if any of these were selected. Can’t remember actually. Whatever the case, I had shown some potential I guess as they kept me on as a “permanent freelancer.” I stayed a few months and then took the job at ZCom.nike_bags


Pop Art Branding/Illustrations

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Pop Art, the portland web design firm, was at one time a 2 man company in a trashy office in Tigard off of 217. During that time I was working within the ad agency John Pihas and Partners, and was tasked with creating several illustrations for a Pop Art’s corporate brochure. I also designed a new logo for the company, which was not used. 

My idea behind the illustrations was to mimic the style of Jasper Johns, a painter during the pop art movement. Pop Art gave me several words to use, and I painted 8 or so illustrations for the brochure.popart1popart2


Nike Go Campaign

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nike_go_identityI worked on this project while freelancing as a graphic designer in Nike Brand Design. Nike Go is an initiative which seeks to get kids more active. 

I was given this project by one of the producers at Nike, and my only direction was to go off a pre-existing sticker which was shaped sort of like a raindrop. The colors were basically set, as was the actual GO logotype. Mitch Morse designed the sticker, and at the time this project started he was out of town, so I started designing a bunch of collateral including press folders, VHS covers, stickers, table tents, etc. Some of what I designed is below.

Then Mitch came back into town, and informed the PM and I that we were not to design off of this old sticker. Instead he wanted to use a stoplight for inspiration. Red, yellow, green and circular shapes. So I worked on a new look based on this new direction, and basically produced a rough poster concept which was signed off on, and then I left on vacation. Kate Zimmerman, a fellow freelance designer, took over on the project, and by the time I was back from vacation most of hard work was done. Kate did a great job of taking the rough elements I tossed together, and finessing them together into a nice cohesive campaign. After I returned the only thing left to accomplish was to create a bunch of event graphics. Building wraps, tee shirts, signage, etc.

This was also one of the first projects ever where I used a 3d program for some concepting/visualization. I rendering out a bunch of floating Go balls on the lake at the Nike world headquarters.